Regional integration


        The region where is the state of Mato Grosso has a wide range of not properly exploited resources, which makes the North / Midwest region a potential focus of future migrations, there is real possibility of large population growth in the coming decades, as already It has been occurring for some time. Such an approach, however, occurs in the context of the absence of a clear understanding of the role of ecosystems in the region with respect to the maintenance of the hydrological cycle, nutrients, carbon dioxide and other gases and climatic balance of the earth.

        Therefore, there is a certain urgency to promote actions leading to the understanding of the multiple relationships between the various dimensions of the environment in the regional context, which is of considerable importance in the understanding of global change and the middle planet of the environment as one all. It is worth noting at this point that the transition regions between the three Mato Grosso state's ecosystems are being transformed rapidly over time, due to the expansion of agriculture and livestock.

        Thus, the state of Mato Grosso brings together two important conditions that are not found in other regions of the country: First, a situation of intense temporal transition, characterized by human occupation; second, a particular situation of spatial transition, characterized by the transition regions between the three ecosystems. Such local conditions put the UFMT research group in optimal conditions for the consolidation of a postgraduate program on the subject of the functioning of ecosystems and human activities.




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